What is SDTC (Sustainable Development Technology Canada)?

SDTC Since 2001, the Government of Canada has committed $1.364 billion to SDTC(7).

The SDTC Program accepts applications through their SD Tech Fund on a continuous basis, with approvals throughout the year . (8) The Fund typically supports 33% to 40% of eligible expenses on a milestone basis. 25% of the eligible costs must be funded through private sector contributions. Borrowers apply for funding under the SDTC Program through an open tender process by demonstrating their qualifications with other applicants on a competitive basis.

Typically, 3-5 milestones or activity periods (sequential, non-overlapping time periods) are established for which funding will be provided under the SDTC Program. Funding for each milestone payment typically ranges between 1 and 6 months from the end of each milestone period.

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The Short Version


Sustainable Development Technology Canada The SDTC Program is designed to support the development and pre-commercial demonstration of clean technology solutions with the aim to increase each solution’s chances of successfully making it to the marketplace.