Financing your SR&ED tax credits was just the beginning

Real change happens when you access growth capital faster. We are both a bridge to finance your IRAP funding, SR&ED tax credits and other government receivables, and a path to equity financing.

SR&ED & Grant Financing

Non-dilutive financing for SMEs using their federal and provincial R&D grants such as SR&ED tax credits, BCIP and IRAP funding as collateral, just to mention a few.

Equity Investments

Focused on equity financing for emerging growth companies and turnarounds.

Asset Loans

Non-dilutive debt financing using the following assets as collaterals: Purchase Order Financing, Accounts Receivables Financing, 
Property, Inventory, Capital Expenditures

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What We Do

Debt Financing

We operate a suite of private funds with a track record of A) rewarding investors and B) providing bridge financing solutions to small and medium sized companies that want to grow and have receivables from government tax credit programs like the Strategic Innovation Fund, Canada Media Fund, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency among others.

Why Does It Matter

Canadian Tax Credits

The common issue faced by a large number of growing companies in Canada is that there is generally a 3-4 month lag between applying/being approved for SR&ED tax credits and other government funded programs, and actually receiving funds from the government. We offer short term bridge financing solutions that allow these advances against their government receivables.

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Our Partners

OKR Financial has an extensive referral network composed of venture capitalists, angel groups, professional services providers, SR&ED and grant consultants, accelerators and incubators across Canada.

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Our Process

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Our SR&ED and government funding experts understand speed is everything for our clients and aim to provide funding within 10 business days.

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Our straightforward five step process was designed by our tax credits specialists to help you grow your company faster.

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We are authentic: we are entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors at heart and those qualities inform everything we do.

Let's Talk!

We would love to hear from you

If you are an investor, an entrepreneur claiming SR&ED or IRAP funding, or just want to learn more about OKR Financial, please send us a message in our contact page and a team member will get back to you by the next business day.

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