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There are a number of federal, provincial and regional government funded programs and SR&ED tax credits that OKR Financial will fund. When reviewing the various program descriptions below, please note that the percentages and ranges referenced are based on the current terms of the following government funded programs as of April 2019.

Scale AI Supercluster

  • Qualified Project Types and Application Process

  • Training for individuals and businesses

  • Acceleration Program supports incubators and accelerators

Ocean Supercluster

  • Technology Leadership Projects

  • Project and cost eligibility

  • Approval Criteria and Process

Protein Industries Supercluster

  • Eligible Expenses

  • Ineligible Expenses

  • Technology Project Eligibility Requirements

Innovation Superclusters Initiative

  • Funding and Eligible Costs

  • Digital Technology Supercluster: Capacity Building

  • Digital Technology Supercluster: Technology Leadership


  • The IRAP Process

  • Is Your Company Eligible For IRAP?

  • IRAP Proposal, Review, Clarifications


  • Attributes of a Successful SR&ED Project Claim

  • Expenses claimed with the SR&ED Tax Credit

  • What is NOT Eligible?

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