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What are we looking for?

If you’re a small-to-medium sized company working with an accredited accounting firm and/or SR&ED tax credit consultant, and have a history of receiving tax credit returns, you’re in our wheelhouse.

Like you, we're entrepreneurs. We understand the pain of trading equity for capital. You don't have to dilute your ownership to grow and thrive. We'll work with you to explore all the options.

Randy Thompson, Partner

What We Do

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SR&ED & Grant Financing

Non-dilutive financing using your federal and provincial tax credits and government grants as collateral. 

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Asset Loans

Non-dilutive debt financing using your assets as collateral: Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivables Property, Inventory, Capital Expenditures

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Equity Investments

Focused on equity financing for emerging growth companies and turnarounds.

Our Story

We are finance and early stage growth and technology experts, and we’re passionate about finding ways to support the needs of all growing companies in the Canadian tech ecosystem. We know the opportunity cost of waiting months to receive your SR&ED tax credits and grant dollars,  and that diluting your hard-earned equity at the wrong time can be costly.

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Debt Financing

We operate a suite of private funds with a track record of A) rewarding investors and B) providing bridge financing solutions to growing companies that have tax credits and grants like the Strategic Innovation Fund, Canada Media Fund, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency among others.

Canadian Tax Credits

A common issue faced by growing companies is waiting 3-4 months between applying/being approved for SR&ED tax credits and government grants, and actually receiving funds. 

We offer short term bridge financing solutions that unlock that cash immediately. 

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Why Work With Us

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Beyond providing debt financing against SR&ED tax credits and government funded programs, we also take pride in bringing entrepreneurs into the OKR ecosystem of consultants, angel/VC investors, accelerators and incubators, and other professional service providers.

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We provide both non-dilutive and equity financing solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs, resulting in the possibility to offer mezzanine financing as well: a hybrid of debt and equity financing ideal for certain companies in very particular stages of their lifecycle.

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We pride ourselves on quick turn-around. In many cases you can have that much-needed cash infusion in your account within ten days (or less) from filing your SR&ED application. Look for some helpful tools on this site including our handy calculator, and our simple on-line application.

Our Calculators

Explore our SR&ED and DEBT VS EQUITY calculators to see how you can impact your financing strategy.

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Chat with an advisor

If you are an investor, an entrepreneur, or just want to learn more about OKR Financial, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!