OKR Financial
& Layback

When you think of hammocks, what comes to mind? Relaxing on a beach in Hawaii? Snoozing by a mountain lake? That’s exactly the lifestyle that inspired Layback, which makes eye-catching, comfortable hammocks easily transported in stylish bags for the explorer on the go.

The company was founded on a mutual love for the
tranquility of nature and excitement of city living. Whether
backcountry backpacking or running through the city,
Layback allows you to explore without sacrificing comfort.

Layback's Story

Although they were seeing a lot of interest, at one point, the future of Layback looked precarious. Setbacks in the production stage caused Layback founder, Adam Cook to let go of all of his staff, and factory malfunctions cost Layback all of its seed money. They made a comeback when they appeared on Dragons’ Den and impressed all of the dragons with their simple but innovative goal: to become the household name for hammocks. With a funding boost from the show, Layback went back to production and began working to fill orders. But the pandemic forced a second pause in production. Knowing that they would need financial support to keep growing, Cook sought out the advice of a Layback investor, who recommended OKR Financial.

It’s rad when you meet someone who gives you a chance. As an entrepreneur, I have nothing but good things to say about working with OKR Financial. If you are considering working with them - do it, the sooner the better.”

- Adam Cook, Co-Founder & CEO at Layback

How did OKR Financial get involved?

At OKR Financial, we saw the dedication and passion that Cook has for the business and knew he would be successful when given the proper support. A timely injection of capital through an OKR Financial asset loan was crucial in helping Layback meet customer demand and pursue new collaborations and opportunities with a variety of intriguing partners. The OKR Financial team, armed with hands-on startup and business experience, also supported Cook with feedback, advice, and reassurance as he and his team grew the company.

Layback hammocks are available in a variety of boutique shops across Canada and online. With different patterns, colours, and materials available, you are sure to find the perfect hammock for you to lay back and relax. When we meet entrepreneurs like Adam Cook – people who are resilient through changes and are committed to doing the best for their customers – we’re happy to support them through our non-dilutive financing programs. To learn more about Layback, visit ca.layback.co.

Is your business in the early stages of funding and seed rounds? We may be able to help you out with our non-dilutive financing programs. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.