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Pitch like a Pro

For startup and SME leaders, pitching to investors is a daunting task no matter how experienced you are with the process. Condensing your entire business into a three- to five-minute presentation can seem impossible, especially for founders who have dedicated their lives to the business and could speak about it

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The Federal Budget and What It Means for SMEs

On Monday April 19th, the first Federal budget in over two years was delivered.  Within the 720+ pages and $354B in spending to help steer the Canadian economy out of this unprecedented pandemic, there were some points worth highlighting as they directly play a role in supporting Canadian SMEs and

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Available Support and Resources during COVID-19

Given the most recent announcements in Alberta yesterday, we wanted to share the following available resources that can provide additional support during these challenging times. This index was brought to us by Bessie, an API connecting farmers to local eaters. Individual Financial Support Canada Recovery Benefit Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit

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Non-Dilutive Financing in Uncertain Times: What You Need To Know

Non-dilutive financing can be a great option for smaller businesses. Typically, these smaller enterprises will raise capital through debt or equity financing, but what are some key differences between these two methods? Let’s first take a look at non-dilutive financing. The idea of non-dilutive financing is to raise capital through

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