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Federal Tax Credits in Canada as of July 2021. OKR Financial

Federal Tax Credits in Canada as of July 2021

Tax season is a stressful time, but we shouldn’t forget the great opportunities that come along with it – tax breaks or benefits. There are many tax credits available to businesses, but finding the tax credits applicable to you can be time consuming and confusing. So, we’ve done the work

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SRED Consultant Board Meeting

Hiring Grants Available For Seed Stage Companies- Part I

Federal (2021 Edition) The best and first non-dilutive government funding for an early-stage company should be hiring grants. Pre-seed or seed-stage founders (less than 2 years)  often ask,  “Is there a hiring grant available for us?”  The answer is yes! Before diving into each grant, it is important for us

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Guy looks at SR&ED Application on computer

SR&ED Tax Credits and IRAP Grants Explained

Two of the most popular Government incentive programs in Canada is the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (‘SR&ED’) tax credit program and the Industrial Research Assistance Program (‘IRAP’). Both support the growth of Canadian companies and innovation! Even though the programs look similar, they have some key differences. What is

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