Accessing Growth Capital through Successful Concept Design & Engineering


Having an idea and making it real are two different things.  Solving design problems from the beginning can improve your products and help ace pitches. Learn how enhancing your discovery and concept design can help secure growth capital faster. Geared toward early-stage entrepreneurs, this webinar will guide you on how to create a product that is attractive to investors and how to maximize grant funding as you grow your business. Discover the different sources of non-dilutive capital and how to navigate venture debt. Hear from Bhavik Chauhan, VP Business Development and Marketing OKR Financial and Alastair Trower, Director of Business Development Enginuity, as they share insights on successful product development, creating prototypes and accessing grant funding . There will be a Q&A session at the end so be ready with your questions!

We will cover:

·         Steps in developing a strong and effective product concept

·         How engineering technology can help gain investors

·         Alternative financial solutions and an overview of the capital raising cycle

·         Best practices when applying for government funding and venture debt

·         How OKR Financial & Enginuity can help support your scale up process



3:00 PM AST


July 28, 2021


Bhavik Chauhan, VP Business Development & Marketing 

Bhavik brings over 20 years of experience in business development and marketing to his role at OKR Financial. He is also the former managing director of Canada’s largest consulting firm in government funding and cost optimization.

Alastair Trower, Director of Business Development

Alastair ‘Alf’ Trower is the Director of Business Development at Enginuity, with over 25 years of international sales and marketing experience. Starting off in the business software applications market, Alf launched new products and drove innovation in new sectors and geographies, internationally.  Moving into oil and gas engineering in 2008, he consistently achieved 25% annual growth in a down market, while opening new markets, forging International alliances and driving industry innovation. Throughout his career, Alastair has built a multi-sector skill set of technical sales, product marketing and business management.  

Over the years, Enginuity has quickly become a local powerhouse, employing graduates, attracting out of region talent and helping businesses remain competitive through automation and robotics. It is the only place to go in Eastern Canada for start-up product design, new product introduction, robotics and automation. 

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