why bankers say no to startups OKR Volta Webinar

Why Bankers Say “NO” to Startups


This is an interactive webinar on Understanding Financing Structures and How to Leverage Assets. Nowadays, various financial tools offer Founders flexible working capital to expand their business. Asset-based loans have quickly become a prominent option. However, the biggest challenge is making the right choice for your company.

Join us in this 1-hour workshop for businesses of all sizes and learn the different types of asset-based loans: how they work together, what makes them different, and when they are appropriate for you.

OKR Financial knows that capital raising involves big decisions and expert guidance is always appreciated. Hear from OKR Financial Investment Partner, Wes Mills, as he answers your questions on various assets, how they can be leveraged, and get seasoned tips on how to navigate this crucial stage in your company’s growth the smart way.


2:00 PM AST


September 14, 2021


Wes Mills, Investment Partner, OKR Financial 

Wes brings over 35 years of experience in Finance, Portfolio Management, and Asset Allocation. Consultant on Wealth Management to major Credit Union. Chief Investment Officer Schedule A Bank Discretionary Asset Management Group. Portfolio Manager; Global Equities (1994-2011), Private Debt.

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