Leveraging Energy Focused Government Programs in Canada


If you’re in the energy sector and would like to explore how to maximize government-funded initiatives to scale up without giving up equity, then this webinar is for you. This interactive session will focus on programs and non-dilutive solutions specific to the energy industry. Whether you’re a startup about to launch your pilot project or an experienced company looking for additional funding, this session is tailored to meet everyone’s needs with clear and relevant information. Understand how government funding works, how to access funding and learn actionable steps to leverage them for company growth. There will be a Q&A portion at the end. Key learnings:
  • How to navigate Government funding for your company
  • How to utilize venture debt for tech entrepreneurs in the energy space
  • Potential non-dilutive funding options currently available
  • An overview of eligible activities, projects, and spend related to the Energy sector that could be available for funding
  • OKR Financial’s added value and how we can help you


10:00 AM EST


September 8, 2021


Bhavik Chauhan, VP Business Development & Marketing 

Bhavik brings over 20 years of experience in business development and marketing to his role at OKR Financial. He is also the former managing director of Canada’s largest consulting firm in government funding and cost optimization.

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