SRED Credit Calculations

Life Science Venture and Alternative Financing Vehicles


In partnership with Bio Alberta, a member-driven association that represents and promoted the province’s vibrant and diverse life sciences industry. 
Learn in-depth how the “debt vs equity” landscape works
Identify when is the right time too raise equity and why 
Map the bet funding options available for life science companies, and the preferred stage and capital source for each funding round 
Discover why Health Tech and Life Science Research are not always a 10 to 15- year investment to see rewards


1:00 pm  to 2:00 PM MST


November 4,  2020


Randy OKR Financial Headshot
Randy Thompson, Managing Partner, OKR Financial
Jaspreet Headshot
Jaspreet Grewal, Founder Venn Consulting Inc
Kaushik Headshot
Kaushik Srinivasan, CEO Radiant Health Advisors

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