Energy Talks: How to Capitalize on Energy Focused Government Funded Initiatives


In this interactive and informative session, learn how Energy sector companies can utilize non-dilutive solutions by maximizing Government funded initiatives. You will learn:

  • How to navigate Government funding for your company
  • How to utilize venture debt for tech entrepreneurs in the Energy tech space
  • How to maximize on non-dilutive funding
  • Potential non-dilutive funding options currently available
  • An overview of eligible activities, projects, and spend related to the Energy sector that could be available for funding
  • OKR Financial, our added value, and how we can help you


2:00PM AST


April 14, 2021


Bhavik Chauhan is VP Business Development and Marketing with OKR Financial, and brings over 20 years experience in Business Development and Marketing. He is a former Managing Director for consulting in government funding and cost optimization, and is a networking specialist and international socializer. 

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