Raising Equity in a Down Market & Dealing with Debt: a CFO Perspective


We are living in unprecedented times and never has it been so tough for companies to stay in business. Raising equity to stay afloat and grow is a number 1 priority for some businesses along with having the right internal team in place to facilitate the growth. Trends in raising equity and debt are changing at a rapid pace and it’s tough to stay ahead of the curve.

This webinar is a collaborative effort with our partners Entreflow Consulting Group. We will delve into ways to raise equity and debt in an unpredictable market. We will cover the following throughout our 60-minute session:

  • 3 ways to get cash aside from revenue
  • Best practices to prepare yourself for a raise
  • Considerations for raising debt, equity, and government grants
  • Trends during COVID to consider


11:00 am PST/ 2 pm EST


April 13, 2021


Bhavik Chauhan

Bhavik Chauhan

Bhavik Chauhan is VP Business Development and Marketing with OKR Financial, and brings over 20 years experience in Business Development and Marketing. He is a former Managing Director for consulting in government funding and cost optimization, and is a networking specialist and international socializer. 

Helina Patience

Helina Patience

Helina Patience, CPA, CMA is the CEO of Entreflow Consulting Group. She loves tech, finance and business, and has enjoyed a career in Finance and HR for over a decade in the UK, India, Ireland and Canada. After preparing Financial Analysis for the C-Suite at Lululemon and running her own startup, she joined Entreflow to give small businesses the financial growth infrastructure they need to scale. She runs a team of 23 Accountants, Analysts and Consultants dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to crush goals. Helina holds a B.A. (hons), B.Ed and a CPA, CMA accounting designation.

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