CanShield Solutions Webinar

Using Technology To Accelerate Your Business


There is no doubt that 2020 was a disruptive year for many businesses, with COVID19 forcing many traditional businesses to move services online and quickly. Some businesses have been able to adapt, while others have struggled to keep up. 
Regardless of what happens in 2021, there is no denying that online service delivery and remote work is here to stay.
But, what does the future of the digital economy look like and does your business have the right technology in place to keep up?
Join George Emery, President and CEO of CanShield Solutions as he outlines the essential technology businesses need to consider and put in place to keep up with changing demands. This webinar will cover:
  • Getting started with the cloud
  • Meeting Canadian data regulations
  • Future-proofing your IT team


1:00pm – 2:00pm MST


February 23rd, 2021


George Emery

George is the President and CEO of CanShield Solutions, an organization focused on hybrid cloud infrastructure in across North America.  George has built security, power, environmental and networking specifications to Tier 3 data centre standards while holding an excellent grasp of cloud and security trends. Prior to this, George worked and built multimillion-dollar infrastructure projects for close to 10 years, primarily in the IT space. George travelled extensively during this time working with remote and First Nations communities across Canada. Additionally, George spent five years at a Montreal based consultancy firm.

Qualifications: MBA from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. B.Sc. Computer Science and Economics from Coventry University in England.

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