Fundamentals of Remote Working

Secret Weapon Chats: The Fundamentals of Remote Working


The past year has definitely brought its fair share of challenges and changes in every organization across the world, the biggest one being the working location. Many organizations hurried to make the shift to working virtually in some capacity for their teams, for some this was a welcomed change, for others starting this new year of 2021, virtual working is becoming old. This webinar will discuss what to do now that your team is fully remote and explore some new ideas to keep remote working fresh.
At a minimum you will learn:
  • Team structures
  • Communication tools
  • Employee engagement
  • The COVID wall
  • Return to the office
  • Team appreciation


1:00pm – 2:00pm MST


February 17th, 2021


Bronwen has her BBA with a Major in Human Resources along with 3+ years of HR Experience. She specializes in Recruitment, HR Systems and Human Resources Management. Throughout her time with Entreflow, Bronwen has helped grow teams through recruitment efforts and work with growing companies to successfully set up their HR efforts. Bronwen’s passion is to help growing companies equip themselves with the team they need to reach their goals. She is delighted share her expertise on this webinar.

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